I first called on Lucia years ago to help clear a home I was renting. Her approach and results gave me the utmost confidence. I now regularly return for aura readings. Each time my resonance with symbols she receives is profound, clarifying and confirming.The energy shift comforts, encourages, and provides me with spiritual grounding. With Deep Gratitude.

~ A. M.

I have hired Lucia on several occasions to heal and clear the energy of homes and properties. She clears and heals from a distance and also can go to the property. Some of the benefits are residents can sleep more deeply, properties sell more quickly, business picks up, and joy and happiness is palpable! I have also referred many people to her and the value and benefit of her services is priceless.

~ Katie White RMT HTP CYT

The images and words for the family reading are very clear and strong and the work of the Angels and Ancestors is being integrated..... I could feel the energy shifts within my body. I know we individually and collectively received a healing. Thank you, Lucia!

~ D. H.

I listened to the reading again and it so reflects my dark night of the soul and healing that occurred last week. So much resonates: words, phrases and images. I am deeply grateful.

~ M. J. S.

Lucia has done many aura readings for me, each reading deeply inspired and profoundly healing.

With love and appreciation,
~ DV, Vernon

Every session with Lucia leaves me feeling completely cared for and deeply relaxed. It is such a treat to feel witnessed, validated, and responded to with such a balanced, holistic approach. It is with great gratitude that I continue to receive regular treatments from Lucia.

~ Catherine Dextrase, CST

I have had the opportunity to gain insights and benefits from Healing Touch, rose readings and past life sessions with Lucia. Lucia is truly dedicated to developing her psychic gifts and I look forward to going back!!!

~ D.Edwards

Big-heartedness is the most essential
virtue on the spiritual journey.

~ Matthew Fox