Returning to Wholeness is the
natural way;
Allow, allow, allow.
The choice to Love
is the Mother of Everything.
There are no exceptions.

~ Haven Trevino

Welcome to my site!

I have been drawn to the spiritual all my life. I have taken many workshops and courses dedicated to my spiritual growth and development, including Healing Touch, Healing Pathways, A Time of Love, Reiki, Intuitive Mind, and Shamanism.

I am now an experienced psychic and Healing Touch Practitioner. My passion is to help people who come to me to self heal, helping them open to the deep peace and love that surrounds us all, with the help of the Divine, the angels, the guides and ancestors, always for our highest good. 

My recent activities:

  • Over the past six years, I have offered readings and healing sessions at several local fairs; North Island Spirit Fair, the Wellness Fair at Anderton Gardens, and the Vancouver Island Music Festival.
  • I continue to volunteer as part of the team offering Healing Touch in connection with the hospital's Hospice Program.
  • I continue to be a student of the Advanced Psychic Mastery Program, and am grateful for the South Africa trip I did with them.
  • I also remain grateful to Mari Abraham for shamanic training.

~ Lucia

What the people of the city do not
realize is that the roots of all living
things are tied together.

~ Chan K’in Viego